Different firmware, different possibilities

The Firmware of the CFE Plus (with or without Wifi) is under constant development. New options are added and errors are corrected. To emphasize this ongoing evolution, we make three versions available, each from a different moment in the development process.

The Release-version of the firmware is the oldest but most stable firmware for the CFE Plus. It contains very little (if any) errors but it also misses functionality that was created after it was released. If the offered functionality meets your requirements, this is the firmware to use.
The Beta-version is the next step on the evolutionary path. It contains additional functionality but has not been tested as much as the release-version. In general, it is safe to use, but there may be some issues. Use with caution.
The Alpha-version is the most recent firmware available to our customers. This version is the least tested and it is advised to use only when instructed to do so by customer support.

Check what options are available for your car

Volvo cars are all different. Eg. a V70 is a totally different car than a C30. Also a V70 built in 2004 is very different from a v70 built in 2010. These differences are not limited to styling, engines and options, but the electronics in these cars may be different as well. Even two seemingly equal cars can have different electronics and/or software in it’s computers. The CFE Plus firmware, therefore, has to adapt to a specific car type/model year. This leads to different CFE Plus functionality available for different cars. The CFE Plus configuration software (aka the Updater) that runs on a PC, distinguishes between the different cars and shows only the functionality that is available for the car of which the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is entered into the Updater.
To assist potential customers in deciding whether to acquire a CFE Plus (Wifi), part of the Updater is re-implemented on this webpage. By entering the VIN of the car the CFE Plus is intended for, you can easily see what functionality is available for your specific situation. The VIN is used to show this functionality for the Release, Beta and Alpha versions of the firmware. This way you can easily compare what options are fully supported (Release), should work correctly (Beta), or are implemented but not yet fully tested (Alpha).

Where do I find the VIN of my car?

The Vehicle Identification Number is found on the registration papers of your car. The VIN is 17 characters in size and, for Volvo, always starts with YV. In some countries, the location where the VIN can be found in the car, is in the registration papers. If you are not sure where to find the VIN of your car, contact us with the specifics of your car (type, year built) and we will help you.