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We have some good news! The CFE Ultra is available in our webshop.

The P2 Litecam is available now! This device allows you to add a reversing camera to your P2 (S60,V70,S80 and XC90) RTI screen.

The next step will be to implement this feature on a P1(S40,V50,C30).

As for the P3 chassis you can use the CFE  Ultra to enable the camera inputs on the RTI or Sensus system in your car.

With the RTI system it is even possible to connect other devices and show them while driving!

For example a Raspberry PI in combination with the CFE Ultra:

The P3 camera kits are available now!

Latest news!

We do not handle warranty issues from VolvoTech.EU/!
If you bought your product there you should contact them for warranty issues.

You can use our updater and firmware for your VolvoTech/V-Division device. Double check if your device has a serial number. You can check this in the updater. If your device does not have one you are unable to use it. You should contact VolvoTech/V-Division to fix this issue.

If they are unwilling to fix the issue you can use our CFE Fix service.

For Software issues you can contact us at our support page.


CFE Plus (WiFi) and CFE Ultra Configuration tool

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