Radio Canbus Interface for P2


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Canbus Interface translates canbus signals for steering wheel, parking sensors, light intensity etc for aftermarket radio’s.

How does it work

The CI-P2 set connects to the original harness (S80, S60, V70 and XC70) of your Volvo and allows you to connect an aftermarket radio directly (ISO connectors).
Power, light intensity, reverse signal, parking sensors and steering wheel controls (fwd, rev, vol up, vol dn) are available to that new aftermarket radio!

Parking sensors are not supported on the S80.

Installation requirements

For installation; an aftermarket radio is required, Pioneer, Kenwood, Sony, China brand etc.


You should check if your radio supports inputs from external devices. You are not allowed to sent the product back if your radio does not work with this device.

Installation Manual

CI-P2 installation manual 1.01

Additional information

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