CFE Classic, CFE Plus and CFE Plus Wifi Manual connection harness


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CFE Classic, CFE Plus and CFE Plus-WiFi Manual connection harness

How does it work:

This harness allows an additional OBD2 port to be created in your Volvo.
Its required for the CFE Plus and CFE Plus WIfi for supported Volvo’s from MY2001-2004 of the type P2.

P2 : S60, S80, V70, XC70, XC90

Optionally this harness can be used in case one just wants an extra OBD2 port; for example a seperate one for the CFE Plus or CFE Plus WiFi.

The harness can also be used for the same supported Volvo’s / MY’s in combination with the CFE Classic.
The high-speed wires don’t have to be connected to your Volvo in such case.

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