Auxiliary and Bluetooth for SC/SR radios


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Auxiliary and bluetooth (music AND handsfree calling) in one device.

Although bluetooth music and handsfree are available in the MMHU-ABT, one can also only use the bluetooth music from the MMHU-ABT and use a handsfree carkit (bluetooth or fixed) for phone calls without any problem.

Connects to SC or SR  radio to the CD exchanger port.

Controls trough connected smartphone, fwd/rev buttons and volume knob of the radio.

– Radio of the type SC or SR with a CD-6 or CD-10 changer port (Typically visible on the front-panel of the radio with a button 6-CD or 10-CD).

In the set:
– mmsc-abt (Electronics unit)
– power and logic connection harness (for connection mmsc-abt to the radio and power)
– microphone (for handsfree calls)

Installation manual:





Items supplied in set
Configuration/Update cable NO (Updates not required)
Harness for functional user connections NO (Optional USB extender + mounting)
Harness to Auxiliairy NO (3.5mm auxiliary port available on unit)
Harness to Can-network (CanBus) NO (Unit does not require connection to canbus)
Harness to CD-Changerport (SC/SR radio’s) YES
Harness to Display NO (Unit does not require connection to display)
Harness to MEL-network (MELBUS) NO (Unit is connected to CD changer port of SC or SR radio)
Harness to MOST-network (MOSTBus) NO (Unit is connected to CD changer port of SC or SR radio)
Harness to Power YES
Harness to Radio YES (= Harness to CD changer port of SC or SR radio)
Installation / User manual NO (But available for free online in downloads/manuals section)
Unit (Electronics unit) YES (MMSC-ABT unit, with internal Bluetooth for A2DP and handsfree calls and auxiliary)
Available to user Bluetooth connection for handsfree calls and music.

Microphone for handsfree calls.

Auxiliary input (3.5mm jack) for music playback.

Network of Volvo Connected to the cd changer port of the SC or SR radio.

Requires a 6-CD or 10-CD button on the radio.

Update possible The unit does not require any updates.

If updates are required, the unit needs to be returned to SwedeSolutions.

Time required (estimate) Installation of electronics unit : 10 minutes.

installation of microphone : up to 30 minutes depending on where the microphone is put. (rooftop / driver side A style / steeringwheel house etc).

Tools required Torx 20.

Torx 10 (if roofmounting the microphone).

Fishbone tool.

Tie-rap (long and strong) for guiding the microphone wire into the rooftop.

Volvo Dealer updates required NO
Tools optional 12-Volt meter
Volvo Dealer compliant YES
Unit dimensions App. (L)72x(W)61x(H)18mm
Power consumption (On mode) App. up to 800mA if using bluetooth audio.
Power consumption (Off mode) App. 1mA
Power On/Off logic Trough CD Bus logic (Unit switches on and off with the Radio)
Unit activation Automatically activated once connected to the radio.
Development state
Firmware Final (No changes to firmware expected anymore)
Hardware Final (No changes to hardware expected anymore)
Software Not applicable.
Added Functions to your Volvo
Description of added functions Adds CD changer source to the radio automatically. If CD changer source is selected, bluetooth audio, bluetooth calls or auxiliary from the MMHU-ABT can be used. Amplifier of car is used. Volume knob of car is used. FWD/REV buttons on radio of car are used.
Compliancy and function overview







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